Derek Arguello Head Shot 2015
Crafting A Message

I am currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying advertising and public relations (APR) with a minor in studio art. My emphasis is concentrated in the creative field of advertising which includes but is not limited to; branding, campaign concepts/design, client communications, and copywriting. I am not afraid to work in a fast-paced environment and excel when working with deadlines. Additionally, I developed all content published to our fraternity’s webpage as well as maintain and create all content released from our social media pages. The links to each respective form of media are as followed.

Twitter: @KappaSigGVSU

My experience has been influenced through both my professional opportunities as well as what I have done with my organization of which I am a founding father. As a result, I am proficient in the following skill sets:

-Adobe Creative Suite
-Microsoft Office
-Public Speaking
-Social Media
-Organization Management

My aspiration is to one day be able to own my own communication and creative firm. As a result, I hope to earn my MBA after graduation while entering the workforce. By working in the field of APR and communication, while striving to better my education, I feel that I will one day make this dream possible.


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